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Hands-On 60-75 Minutes $
Distance 45-60 Minutes $
Distance 24/7 $
House Calls In York Region $
House Calls to GTA $


Hands On Sessions

           “What occurs during a Hands On Reiki session?”

           You remain fully clothed. You will be asked to lie on your back on a Reiki table or sit in a message chair. During the session, the Reiki practitioner will gently rest hands on various parts of the body in patterns that include the head, abdomen, legs, back, and feet. The body is lightly touched. A sensation of warmth from the practitioner’s hands is common. Clients have described a feeling of relaxation and often fall asleep.

           The actual Reiki session is a complete art of balancing and aligning the body’s energy centers. A Reiki Practitioner channels the universal life force energy (Reiki) through their hands to various portions of the recipients body. By placing the hands on, or over, the various chakra centers of the body, the energies, holistic in effect, reaches all levels of existence and strives to bring these different levels into balance.

           Reiki energy works in the area of the “body” (physical, mental, and emotional) in need of treatment and balance. A very receptive person also experiences Reiki as a connection to the original love, which is within the soul.

           “What Does Reiki Feel Like?”

           Reiki “turns up” differently for each person depending on his or her need. Many people experience Reiki energy as deeply relaxing, soothing, nurturing and calming. Often the recipient feels warmth or heat from the Reiki practitioner’s hands.

           A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surrounds you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being. Many have reported miraculous results. Reiki is simple, natural, and safe.


Distance Reiki

          Distance is not an issue with regard to Reiki treatments. A trained Reiki practitioner can treat a personal who is half way around the world, as long as the person has given permission.

          A Distance Treatment works much like a “hands on” treatment, from the standpoint of the length of the treatment. An hour or so will be spent treating the body while you are seated in a comfortable chair, lying down or even fast asleep

          As reiki energy is universal, a qualified Reiki practitioner can direct the energy any where. “Distance” is an exceptional tool for working on specific ailments and for rapidly speeding up healing soft tissue injuries resulting from surgery, scars, car accidents, burns and sports injuries. I’ve found the same holds true for fractures and stress injuries.

          As Reiki sets to the root of the symptom, in the most gentle and caring way, the emotions tied to the root will surface. My experience and preference with distance healing sessions is to perform the service while the subject is asleep to allow their guides, guardians and higher self to assist and guide you through the issues raised in a dream state. The reaction I most often get is “I don’t know what you did, but I had the best sleep I’ve had in years!” To that I just smile and thank the guides for their work. Another common reaction is a series of dreams with an individual or about an incident. As a very loving and nurturing energy, you can expect to recieve exactly what you need.

24/7 Continuous Distance Healing

     24/7 is a week long continuous stream of reiki (Both positive & healing) energy that is directed to your whole being and specific body locations.

     Over the course of the week you will receive an initial distance session, chakra balancing and energy focusing. After a day or two a second similar distance takes place to evaluate the effects of 24/7, what it’s opened up and is directing work to. At that time focus will be adjusted to facilitate the work. A concluding distance and balancing session will take place on day 7 or 8 to harmonize and wind down the session. As Dialogue is essential, you will receive reports, suggestions, readings, exercises and questions.

     One of the benefits of Reiki energy is the ability to rapidly speed up the healing process, specifically physical soft tissue. Emotional work such as Relaxation and Stress Reduction are also experienced when the energy is focused towards a specific body area or geographic region. 24/7 are continuous waves of Reiki energy! Depending on need, the effects are by far more substantial.

     The sooner reiki treatment is begun following an injury, surgery or accident, the better the results. A directed 24/7 Reiki, full strength session is an ideal gift or personal “pick me up” for the person with an upcoming heavy duty or stressful week.

     The advantage of a 24/7 session is that following the initial traditional Usui Reiki distance session the client is still “processing”. During the remainder of the 24/7 session waves of Reiki energy continue to work on and fill the void that the expelled negativity has left behind. The results experienced have been continuing expulsion of blocks/negative energy through coughing, laughing, crying, sounding. . .If you’ve had hands on reiki therapy you’ll experience the “usual instability” you’ve come to expect from Reiki.

     As you probably already know, Reiki is both gentle and smart; it goes where it’s needed most.Physical and emotional healing is continuous. With 24/7 emotional issues are dealt with during the dream state.The common reaction is a series of dreams with an individual or about an incident. As a very loving and nurturing energy, you can expect that the dreams won’t be harsh or nightmares.

     24/7 is exceptional for rapid healing of athletic injuries, burns,bumps, scrapes, fractures and stress injuries and especially ideal for assisting in rapid recovery from surgery, elective or emergency! Reiki has proven time and time again to increase the speed of physical recovery.

     Where did this technique come from? If you’re a healer you’ll know that distance sessions are as taxing (if not more) as hands on therapy. My interests, over two decades of practice, lay in “pushing the distance envelope” and due to need, I couldn’t facilitate working on my Wife’s recovery from breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation therapy, and neglect the other distance work I was currently doing, on clients in need from C-section and Breast Reduction recovory, Fibromyalgia and Cancer. Then my Dear Father who in the midst of his midlife crisis at 70 years young, took up motorcycle riding and in trying to beat an underground Parking Garage door closing, opened up a flap on his scalp that required some 30 plus stitches. That plus the scrapes and bruises that his 30 foot tumble left him with. After spending 36 straight hours doing Hands (hovering over) On, I was exausted and too spent to work on my other clients

     I really needed to find a better way and that’s when the process for 24/7 distance Reiki came to me.

     Six months to the day of the accident, the baseball like stitches had healed to the point that there were no visible scares, only a slight indent from where he continually taps his upper forehead to show where the scar was. To my Dads’ credit, he did nearly beat the 20 foot wide door! Had his reflexes been a split second faster he would have been clear, but a split second slower. . .Well, with that realization the Bike was sold and their new (stress free) home has no garage!

     Following that first trial of 24/7 I’ve been able to work with multiple clients from around the world simultaneously with out exhausting myself or diminishing the level of energy directed to clients.

 Reiki is not a stand-alone therapy!
It is a companion to a proper health care regime and positive mental and physical lifestyle.


Distance work or Hands On
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