Energy Healing

Reiki, healing, universal energy, but, what is it?
It is an intention activator. In directing it, the light worker amplifies and projects the intent of the energy.

Here are a few examples. . .

A cut, broken bone, ear ache. The body’s natural ability to heal itself is DRAMATICALLY speeded up. Blood congeals faster, Bones mend faster, Natural antibodies are made more abundant to relieve pain and infection. The energy consults the original blueprints or schematic in your DNA and directs rebuilding at the cellular level. If you’re an athlete with an injury, the sooner you get here the faster you’ll be back in the game!  Special Team and League rates available!

Physical Emotional:
A Headache, Stress, Anxiety. These are issues that have an emotional issue manifesting in the physical. As your body has a mind of its own, the light worker focuses intent on the physical aspect which is connected to the emotional cause. With Stress the emotional load is lightened, leading the healing to the emotional core of the problem. The energy speeds to the solution that the body would normally provide if it weren’t so over burdened.

           We live in an environment that has us in a constant state of fear. In striping away the commands and fear that advertizing bombards us with, roughly five thousand times a day, the mind realizes that keeping up with the neighbor or having the right car or suffering the humiliation of less than bleached white teeth are all stimuli that gets piled on more and more, isn’t a REAL danger or concern. In isolating the job at hand away from all the noise, the mind and body switch from producing the chemicals needed to protect itself from the perceived challenges that advertizing stimulates and adjusts your levels to a state of calm and relaxed confidence. Also! there are methods of protecting yourself from being swept into and even rescuing yourself from the fear triggering Status Quo tsunami that exists today.

Embedded Emotional Scars:
Sadness, Fear, and Abuse. If you or you have a pet that’s been traumatized and acts out because of something experienced days or years before: This is where light workers excel, the pain of the original abuse is released and the void is filled with confidence, forgiveness, love and understanding. Personal power is reclaimed and balance is restored. Even if the recipient has no conscious knowledge of the incident or circumstances, the cells have memory and the energy knows what is out of balance and restores it at the cellular level.

Physical scars serve as cues that there is more healing to be done.

CASE IN POINT (Let’s call this one)“THE SCAR”

I had a distance client who wanted to know if physical scars benefit from reiki, Absolutely!  I began the 24-7 distance session and was told to ask if the scar had anything to do with a recent tattoo. Yes came the emailed answer, the clients current boyfriend had made her remove a tattoo from a previous relationship and that was the scar in question.  So I directed my efforts to that issue and towards the end of the distance session I “saw” the client being embraced by her Mother, then her Aunts and then generation after generation of women came to her.  Alright , then, what’s that all about? I asked.  As it worked out the client threw the boyfriend out of the house and ended the relationship.  Her background story was that she was a first generation American from the greater New York area and her parents had moved back to Italy some years before.  Healing wise, she had broken the genetic programming of  the women in her ancestry attracting and being attracted to abusive men!  Very cool stuff!  At this point she asked me if we could bring her Mother into the next distance session with us, which of course I did.  From the clients end, many issues with her Mother were healed and cast out of her “cause & effect” and her Mother, at home in Italy, sent thanks for the best nights sleep she ever had!  and yes , the scar from having the tattoo removed has disappeared too.

            Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about healing or specific issues of concern to you.

     Reiki is not a stand-alone therapy!
It is a companion to a proper health care regime and positive mental and physical lifestyle.

Distance work or Hands On
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