Reiki Level Two & 24/7 Healing Class

Reiki Level Two

Once you have become comfortable working with and experiencing the commitment of Reiki One:  Level Two extends your abilities to the limits of your imagination and beyond.  You will be introduced to, well acquainted and receive Attunements in order to work with three of the symbols present to Dr Usui.

As each of us has our own unique path to explore and grow upon, the benefits of receiving and becoming attuned to the abilities associated with a deeper commitment and understanding, the assets that you inherit and develop will be unique and beneficial to your life purpose.


24/7 Healing

An important aspect of acquiring Level Two is the ability to facilitate Reiki (Universal Energy) across space and time.  Over the course of my path, it became essential to direct and deliver healing energy continuously to those I was in service to.  The technique that I refer to as 24/7  is unique to my experience and need: Although I have discussed this with selected Masters and consulted many tomes in search of even a mention of how to deliver the universal energy continuously, none existed.  It was only very recently that I received permission to include this training as part of the Reiki Level Two Class, rather than leave it to serendipity for discovery and use.

The class will run Thursday &  Friday evening from 7:00 until 10:30 and then resume 9:30 am Saturday morning and conclude at 5:30 pm.  This cer­ti­fied course includes refreshments,  a manual and cer­tifi­cate upon completion.


May 30th, 31st & June 1st 2013

Thurs­day & Fri­day 7:00–10:30pm
Sat­ur­day 9:30–5:30pm

Loca­tion: York Region Reiki : 171 Main Street South, Unit 1
Reg­is­tra­tion: $350.00 + HST  = $394.50

Please call 905 235 9099 or come in to reserve your place.