Reiki Level One

Give yourself the gift of awak­en­ing your nat­ural heal­ing and intu­itive abil­i­ties through the align­ments and attune­ment of Reiki I. Reiki is a won­der­ful heal­ing modal­ity that will empower you to tap into your unlim­ited poten­tial and under­stand your­self and the resources within you on a more inti­mate level.

This train­ing takes place over three days and will teach stu­dents a basic his­tory of what Reiki is. Guided Med­i­ta­tions, the Chakra system, the hand posi­tions of Reiki. Reiki Level One allows a per­son to chan­nel Reiki energy for heal­ing one­self or/ and oth­ers. It is con­sid­ered the foun­da­tion of all three degrees and must first be mas­tered thor­oughly before the per­son is con­sid­ered for the next degree.

This training is for any­one wish­ing to tune into their nat­ural heal­ing abil­i­ties for them­selves and their loved ones. Class size is lim­ited to ensure max­i­mum per­sonal focus.  This cer­ti­fied course includes refresh­ments,  a man­ual and cer­tifi­cate upon completion.


Reiki Level Two & 24/7 Heal­ing

Once you have become com­fort­able work­ing with and expe­ri­enc­ing the com­mit­ment of Reiki One:  Level Two extends your abil­i­ties to the lim­its of your imag­i­na­tion and beyond.  You will be intro­duced to, well acquainted and receive Attune­ments in order to work with three of the sym­bols present to Dr Usui. This train­ing takes place over three days

As each of us has our own unique path to explore and grow upon, the ben­e­fits of receiv­ing and becom­ing attuned to the abil­i­ties asso­ci­ated with a deeper com­mit­ment and under­stand­ing, the assets that you inherit and develop will be unique and ben­e­fi­cial to your life purpose.

 24/7 Heal­ing

An impor­tant aspect of acquir­ing Level Two is the abil­ity to facil­i­tate Reiki (Uni­ver­sal Energy) across space and time.  Over the course of my path, it became essen­tial to direct and deliver heal­ing energy con­tin­u­ously to those I was in ser­vice to.  The tech­nique that I refer to as 24/7  is unique to my expe­ri­ence and need: Although I have dis­cussed this with selected Mas­ters and con­sulted many tomes in search of even a men­tion of how to deliver the uni­ver­sal energy con­tin­u­ously, none existed.  It was only very recently that I received per­mis­sion to include this train­ing as part of the Reiki Level Two Class, rather than leave it to serendip­ity for dis­cov­ery and use.

The class will run Thurs­day &  Fri­day evening from 7:00 until 10:30 and then resume 9:30 am Sat­ur­day morn­ing and con­clude at 5:30 pm.  This cer­ti­fied course includes refresh­ments,  a man­ual and cer­tifi­cate upon completion.