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David Finestone




I am Human Being, Not a Human Doing !

That said, I am a Light Worker in Service  in this Time to Assist with Human, Personal, Spiritual, Social & Global Evolution. Continuously Learning and Growing So I Can Continue Providing Energy, Crystal & Etheric Healing Services, Instruction, Feedback, Direction & Related Goods and Tools.

Over the course of this path I’ve had many  absolutely amazingly  incredible, experiences,  Mentors, teachers, students, friends, loves and partners on the trail.  Called  Toronto, Edgeware, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Kibbutz Ein Hashofet and Newmarket Home:  Lovingly appreciating each for its gifts and wonders.

Having tested and proved the Law of Attraction, I’ve found myself at the pinnacle of and in the inner sacred circles of Education, Music, Comedy, Domestic and International Politics and have studied at the feet of, played with and exchanged all manor of energy with many of the finest, most beautiful, elegant and gifted beings of our time. (But then, haven’t we all?) I am honoured and greatful to be able include YOU as my Sibling on this path!

In What is Considered Conventional Public Education:

  • South Prep  (In the 1960-1970’s, Forest Hill Village Schools did not grant diplomas in Primary School)
  • Edgeware Secondary, A.Y. Jackson Secondary, North York Alternative & Independent Study Program
    • = Ontario Secondary School Honours Graduate Diploma

In What is Considered Conventional Higher Education:

  • Dale Carnegie Course
  • Seneca Collage
  • York University 
    • Bachelor of Arts Degree Double Honours in Mass Communication & Political Science: International Relations
  • Graduate Program In Communication & Culture
  • University of Toronto’s  McLuhan Institute
  • York University Senate
    • The Prestigious Finestone-Hoffman  Marriage Certificate necessitating a return to Energy Healing to assist in healing cancer.

(As far as work in Diplomacy goes, if you needed to know…You already do!)

In What is Considered as Metaphysical Education:

  • Usui Reiki Master Anita Leven
    • Usui Shiki Ryoho First & Second Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

In What is Considered as Graduate & Post Graduate Metaphysical Education:

  • Usui Reiki Masters The Rev. Donalda Loucks, Pam Wilson, Mari Matte, Garry & Adele Malone, Judith Conroy & Ms. Eleanor Moore
    • Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing.
    • Chikara-Reiki-Do Master/Teacher
  • The Rocky Mountain / Modern Mystery School
    • RM, Teacher, Business Administration.

All in All, some rather nicely arranged sheets of paper…

And A Wealth of  Achemical Symbols and Sacred Geometry engraved in my Energy and Astral Bodies.

David Finestone 2013.


CERT reiki-first-level-cert CERT reiki-2ed-level-cert
 Cert reiki master cert

Oh! You’re still here! That’s nice, Thank you, here’s a little bit more…

Like the vast majority of light workers, I was called into service. It was not my childhood dream to follow this path: Yet once I’d set foot on it, every detour, escape and diversion led me back to Reiki. I was initially told by a channeled entity “to be aware of things spiritual” and on cue, in 1988 Reiki presented itself as “that spiritual thing”!

The next time I took part in anything like the channeling session was when I was introduced to a clairvoyant named Pam Wilson. Before introducing ourselves, Pam remarked “You really are a mess!” Yes I responded, if I weren’t wearing my skin I’d be spattered all over your walls! Pam had two suggestions, the first was a “spiritual thing” called Reiki: Pam never got to tell me about the other option. My first of many Reiki experiences was with an extremely gifted Chiropractor and beautiful old soul named Marie Matte.

As she placed her hands over my eyes, I began slipping deeply in to an altered state. She asked who do you see? To my surprise I was face to face with a friend “Biff” who I’d had a falling out with. He went on to tell me that we had been very good friends over several lifetimes and that I had asked him to fulfill a very difficult task in this life.

The history there,”Biff” and I became fast friends in High school, with equal passion for Radio, sports, music and food. He became a Sportscaster with an unequaled ability to gain rapport with the athletes he admired. I worked my way up the ranks in Entertainment, first in Comedy. I cut my teeth on the business side in the same space where Jim Carrey, Mike McDonald, Jeramy Hotz, Norm MacDonald and Howie Mandel all started out. Eventually my love and passion for music won over and I was assisting the best of the best in Canadian music. Bruce had become friends with Blue Jays’ ace Dave Steib and I was playing “Donut” Hockey with the management and artists of Anthem records. Introducing Rush “base”ist and baseball hyper enthusiast Geddy Lee to Dave Steib was the match making of a lifetime and Bruce and my careers really began to take off. At the time my dream was to work at Anthem, lo and behold Biff revealed to me that there was a position for me there! Simply put, I’d been misinformed and by the time our friend from Anthem returned from the west coast, he was as surprised at hearing that he had employment for me as I was that he didn’t, my fulltime interest and tenure in comedy were lost.

A moment of satori and epiphany, I interrupted Biff to say, “Your task was to make sure I followed my calling, Reiki and you sacrificed our friendship to insure that I did.
“Yes” he answered. Love then forgiveness and admiration swept over me and in a cascade of tears I released the anger and indignation that had been weighing me down for years.

Biff has no inclination of his role in my life and bless his soul, does nothing to aspire to understand it. He remains fulfilled to reflect the light of the personalities he cajoles: yet remains uninterested in the life lessons that underlie, begging to be mined. We met Peter Gabriel during the “So” tour. I remember talking at length with the luminary about all manor of his work and interests, yet all I remember is remarking that his third solo album (Biko) was so powerful and masterful that I felt I was cheating him if I didn’t listen to the work from beginning to end. Biff’s recollection was that the record company rep, was upset because we spoke so long and he didn’t understand anything we spoke about! I am certain however, that the balance congregated got exactly what they needed to understand. But, back to reiki.

“Feeling better?” asked Marie, followed by ‘reiki gives you what you need, not necessarily what you expect or want.” Sage advice. That weekend I took the first level reiki course and initiation, followed some months later by the second level initiation. My relations with Usui Teacher Master Anita Leven never aspired to depth that I bonded with Pam and Marie, I will always be grateful for her work. Beyond Rev. Donalda Loucks, the Usui Master who performed my Master’s attunements, I am most thankful for the friendship and wisdom imparted me by Eleanor F. Moore, an extraordinary healer and mentor from Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Eleanor was as pure a soul as I ever knew. When she was “at” work, her insights and vision still astound my memory. At rest, she was just a girl, as amazed and thankful for her gifts as those who worked with her, were. Explanations were given during sessions, when sprit was with her: Reflection was in admiration only, never in assumption or interpretation. She will forever be my “Scarecrow” for with the exception of my Wife Anne, all the time I’ve spent over the rainbow, Eleanor gave, loved and taught with out expectation and I still do miss her the most: I like to think that her fulltime job is as “Metatron”, her words fell as Shakespeare’s’ tears –almost to beautiful to be spoken aloud.

My etheric studies, courses and practice over the past twenty five years have been many, varied and most esoteric. Reiki is the discipline by which I came to work and understand Chi, Ki and Prana, I respect and admire all the paths that lead to the deeper work of mindfulness, healing, conciseness and love: or as I like to call it “Energy, Light, Empower.” Readings began with Shirley McClain, Carlos Castaneda, Seth/Jane Roberts and Richard Bach: By the time I was invited to attend Mystery School, I had already read ninety per cent of their reading list. A “Solovachic” lineage inspired studies in Kabbalah: which in turn lead to the mystic common ground shared by Islamic / Sufi / Dervish – Verdict / Hindu – Tibetan / Buddhist and Indigenous / Shaman practices. My extensive distance trials via ebay encompassed the globe and lead to deeper insights and collaborations in Quantum Physics studies.

While work in the arts waned, my protracted adolescence continued with the continuing benefits of the Steib-Lee merger. Shortly after being attuned to the second degree a close friend died. I figured then, that the soul is eternal, so I did distance on him while I sat in his unused seat for Joe Jackson. “What do you want?” was what I felt, not unlike his earthly demeanor. Well, I sent, I’m here at a concert you wanted to see and I’m here with your best friends, I just thought that you might like to experience it from our side. “Tsk” came the response, Now I’m part of the music, check it out from over here! And so I did. From that point on, every concert I went to, I did distance on the artist and asked permission to experience their performance energy. This went on for almost five years, the final six months coincided with an awakened passion for Queen. I listened to little else other than what I had to in relation to course I was taking. One day my sister asked me if I had “heard about Freddy Mercury, he has aids”. The extent of my reiki was directed to performers, so selfish were my pursuits, I had no idea that anyone might want healing, let alone try to reach out to get it. I did what I did when sending, asked permission and felt the response. “Where have you been?” Is there anything I can do? “No. . .it’s too late” Freddy died the next day, as did a part of me. I stopped doing Reiki and focused on my return to school and only the empirical.

On the Empirical side I hold a Double Major Honours Batchelor of Arts degree in Political Science & Mass Communications and Culture (Being a confessed Beatlemanic and NeoLennonist- I took enough Ethnomusicology courses with Grammy award winner, Dr. Rob Bowman to qualify for a third major) at York University in Toronto. I was courted by Neil Postman at NYU and Queensland U. in Australia, but decided to work for the York Think Tank, CulTec until the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture at Ryerson and York Universities got under way. Following an award winning summer at the McLuhan Program at the U of Toronto, I withdrew from Grad. Studies as I was called back into Reiki service when Anne’s Cancer returned. Along the way I completed and was a GA with the Dale Carnegie Course. Brief forays into politics at the Federal and International level gleaned an understanding into how the world really works and is run, while equally on the positive side a new Canadian and United Nations paradigm in the dispersing of monies to regional governments known or suspected of using said grants, bursaries or loans for purposes other than the intent and purpose for which they were awarded.

I’ve worked as Chef named Sous and continue to perspire as an author.

This past year the siren call began again. I’d amassed an electronic library, the content of which could not physically exist in the space I’m afforded. And thanks to online networking, I can now contact more like minded people with the click of a mouse than all those I physically encountered in all of reiki sessions, workshops and courses I’ve engaged in over the last quarter century. That and the perpetual reoccurrence of not being able to concentrate on anything other than energy work, the message is loud and clear: Back on the path, keep moving forward! Even my computer is in league, as it is only 100% dependable when I use it for energy / Reiki related matters! All attuned once more and looking forward to working with you.