Knowledge is Power:


POWER is our way of sharing what we’ve learned.

In a world where 95% of Media outlets are controlled by only 5 corporations, whose interests in passing on information is based on their desire to make money rather than your health and welfare should be of concern to you.  This isn’t a “Conspiracy Theory”, this is a MATTER of Fact.   Main Stream Media is the advertising department of a Corporation that owns companies that that produces everything that you see advertised…  

  • On television,
  • On radio,
  • In Newspapers and Magazines, Buses and Trains, Jumbo-trons, LED Billboards in Shopping Centers, Streets, Buildings and Freeways.
  • In the Movies and at the Theaters you see them in,
  • In Hospitals, Your Dentists and Doctors offices
  • Surrounding your favorite teams playing field, rink or arena. 
  • The Franchise Restaurants you eat in and markets where you buy your food. 
  • As well as the Clothes you ware and far to much of the Body Art you see.

Knowing that, or just saying to your self “Consider the Source”  makes you that much more informed and empowered to find out