Ionic Titanium Balance Necklace

Ionic Titanium  Balance Necklace

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$15.00 each / 2 for $25.00
22 Inch / 55cm long
Triple Braded Ionic Titanium Sports Tornado Necklace

 The same technology as the “Phiten” necklaces Baseball Pitchers wear to help them focus in sports’ highest stress location, the Pitchers Mound.

The core of  Titanium Necklace technology is in Aqua Metals – Metals that are broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. These materials are then embedded in the silicone core.  Each rope has a silicon core embedded with Titanium and a nylon outer sheath or covering.
The Phiten double rope style is called the Tornado (twisted together). Currently Phiten doesn’t offer the Triple Braided style which I have managed to offer here.

The purpose of the Titanium is to enhance balance, health, energy, blood circulation, strength, endurance, concentration, relax nerves, improve the quality of sleep and well-being. (The same technology as the balance bracelet) Great anyone who wants to help staying “Centred”