LIFE Activation

LIFE/22 Strand DNA Acti­va­tion With Chakra, Mag­net­ics and Energy Balancing  


We are liv­ing in a very excit­ing period of human devel­op­ment, the Fre­quency of the Earth is chang­ing and in doing so has left us all feel­ing out of tune. This is most evi­dent in the explo­sion in ADD and ADHD mis­di­ag­no­sis and teen drug addic­tion: If you can’t focus you’re branded and med­icated or you seek out self med­ica­tion to tune out the noise.

A sim­ple metaphor to explain: You are lis­ten­ing to an FM stereo radio sta­tion that is slightly out of tune, out of the left speaker you hear the back­ing vocals, cym­bals and solo gui­tar, the right speaker has white noise and the echo of another sta­tion. Con­fus­ing ? Now add the video of a ran­dom newscast.

The LIFE Acti­va­tion, resets your tun­ing, faster or slower, to the cur­rent fre­quency so you can func­tion and pros­per instead of con­fu­sion and depres­sion. The two most obvi­ous results will be clar­ity of your lifes pur­pose and a reduced tol­er­ance for non­sense aka ” Bull “.

  • $200.00
  • With Etheric Sur­gi­cal Clear­ing $ 333.00
  • Tune Up fol­low­ing ini­tial acti­va­tion $ 50.00
  • FREE for Chil­dren 15 & under, with parental permission.

Just what is the LIFE Activation?

The LIFE acti­va­tion is an acti­va­tion of Spir­i­tual Empow­er­ment. It acti­vates the mas­ter plan for your life pur­pose and divine potential.


How many strands are there?

The Mys­tery School teaches there are 12 strands that relate to the phys­i­cal body and 12 spir­i­tual strands, and that each of these 24 key strands has sub-stands. This process acti­vates 11 of each. The other two strands are the Galac­tic Code and the Divin­ity Code and the only thing that will acti­vate the other two is the Adam Kadmon.


Why would some­one get a LIFE Activation?

A sig­nif­i­cant tool for spir­i­tual empow­er­ment, it enhances our abil­ity to become who we came here to be — suc­cess­fully com­plete our con­tracts and life work. It aligns us with liv­ing our truth.


What changes have peo­ple noticed since hav­ing their DNA activated?

  • A greater sense of well being and more cer­tainty about con­nect­ing to Spirit.
  • Inte­gra­tion of more brain capac­ity and efficiency.
  • More directed, grounded, and on pur­pose than ever before.
  • Strong moti­va­tion to achieve goals and dreams.
  • It is more nat­ural to make healthy choices.
  • Enhanced immune system.
  • More energy and greater clar­ity of intuition.


How can my ances­tors and descen­dants be affected by some­thing I do now?

The acti­va­tion is com­mu­ni­cated through the genetic path­ways that are shared (in com­mon) with your ances­tors and descen­dants. The infor­ma­tion for repro­gram­ming the genetic cod­ing is trans­mit­ted through the uni­fied field that con­nects all beings through time and space. This field has been referred to by many dif­fer­ent names, includ­ing “The Web of Life”, “The Mind of God”, “The Bio-field”, “The Col­lec­tive Con­scious­ness” and many more.


How does the LIFE Acti­va­tion build the immune system?

  1. The acti­va­tion may have the effect of caus­ing the removal of tox­ins in the body. This enables the body to be health­ier and also causes a strength­en­ing of the immune system.
  2. Release emo­tional pat­terns that no longer serve you and are com­pro­mis­ing your life-force vitality.
  3. The Broth­er­hood and Sis­ter­hood of Light are putting more light in your body through the LIFE Acti­va­tion, there­fore rais­ing your vibra­tory fre­quency to increase your con­nec­tion to God. The higher the vibra­tion the more light you can hold in your phys­i­cal body. The more light you can hold in your body, the stronger your immune sys­tem and the higher your level of vital­ity. This can be mea­sured with a fre­quency mea­sur­ing scale.


How does the LIFE Acti­va­tion increase your brain capacity?

Sci­ence tells us that we cur­rently use only 3% of our DNA and, cor­re­spond­ingly, only 5–10% of our brain capac­ity. By acti­vat­ing the DNA, more of our full poten­tial comes online, both in your genetic con­scious­ness and in your men­tal capacity.


Can any­one receive this activation?

This acti­va­tion can be per­formed on any­one who requests it, includ­ing small chil­dren. In the case of chil­dren under 12, we ask that the child asks for the acti­va­tion and that there is parental con­sent. In fact, we often find that the Indi­gos (6th Root Race) are greatly ben­e­fited by this activation/increase in light and it helps them find bal­ance and purpose.

The only excep­tions are peo­ple who are men­tally ill or emo­tion­ally unsta­ble. The only rea­son to have this acti­va­tion is for empow­er­ment. If the per­son is not likely to be empow­ered, it is not appropriate.


Will I be enlight­ened if I have this activation?

Depends on what enlight­en­ment means to you. It will cer­tainly be ben­e­fi­cial to your spir­i­tual growth.

What does enlight­en­ment mean to you? Enlight­en­ment is dif­fer­ent than empow­er­ment. Empow­er­ment takes an aver­age per­son and makes them some­thing more so they can become teach­ers, heal­ers, lead­ers who serve the needs of human­ity. This empow­er­ment from the LIFE Acti­va­tion is about fully actu­al­iz­ing your con­tracts while you are still here on earth in the phys­i­cal body.


Are there other peo­ple acti­vat­ing the DNA?  How is yours different?

There are other peo­ple work­ing with the DNA and all light work is of great ben­e­fit. Other DNA work does not open the etheric spine, there­fore from our under­stand­ing, they are not acti­vat­ing the DNA. Only an Archangel, work­ing through a human, can open the strand. The DNA is acti­vated with Light com­ing in directly from the Hier­ar­chy of Light. The other DNA Acti­va­tions are valid heal­ing tech­niques and these sys­tems work well together. They offer vast oppor­tu­nity for change, heal­ing and let­ting go of men­tal, emo­tional, and belief sys­tems. But none of them other than the LIFE/22-Strand tech­nique open up the etheric spine and acti­vate the DNA.

The LIFE Acti­va­tion process is very sacred and as a result of the acti­va­tion, it lights up and acti­vates the person’s full poten­tial. With this much light in their phys­i­cal mate­r­ial, peo­ple can cre­ate change for them­selves beyond what even an Archangel can do for them.
The LIFE Acti­va­tion is about spir­i­tual empow­er­ment. This acti­va­tion has been used for thou­sands of years and comes from King Solomon. Each prac­ti­tioner receives a week of spe­cial­ized train­ing to do the etheric surgery that acti­vates the DNA.


How can a LIFE Acti­va­tion in this day and time be con­nected to King Solomon?

King Solomon was search­ing for a way to access the orig­i­nal divine blue­print for heal­ing and empow­er­ment. He gath­ered one shaman or mas­ter from every tra­di­tion to put together this sys­tem. What resulted was a series of eight modal­i­ties, one of which is the LIFE Acti­va­tion. This acti­va­tion of empow­er­ment has been handed down through the oral tra­di­tion within the Mys­tery Schools and has been used for thou­sands of years by the ini­ti­ates of these schools. It is through this lin­eage that the LIFE Acti­va­tion has come to us today.


How do you receive autho­riza­tion from the Spir­i­tual Realms to do this activation?

Through being trained and ini­ti­ated by a Guide rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Brotherhood/ Sis­ter­hood of Light in the mys­tery school tra­di­tion. We received our instruc­tion and ini­ti­a­tion from the Rocky Moun­tain Mys­tery School. They teach this annu­ally in the United States through a 10-day pro­gram in the sum­mer. For more infor­ma­tion on this pro­gram please con­tact one of the Alliance of Light Cen­ters prac­ti­tion­ers (link to prac­ti­tion­ers page).


Are there any sci­en­tific stud­ies that show peo­ple are really changed by this activation?

Not that we know of. This process has only been offered to the pub­lic since 1998. How­ever, what we have is par­tic­i­pant obser­va­tion, which is a begin­ning level in the sci­en­tific process. What we are expe­ri­enc­ing both for our­selves and oth­ers is an open­ing and expan­sion to life, more clar­ity and focus, and mov­ing directly toward our goals. In other words, we are observ­ing peo­ple prepar­ing them­selves to do plan­e­tary ser­vice. That is the data we have.


What does it mean in regards to the LIFE Acti­va­tion to hold more light in the body?

Some peo­ple that you know have more light than oth­ers. They’re the kind of peo­ple you like to be around because they have a cer­tain “some­thing” about them. They seem to have it more together…a kind of inner peace. Hold­ing more light tends to cre­ate this. An Acti­va­tion enables you to hold more of this light.

The Broth­er­hood and Sis­ter­hood of Light are putting more light in your body through the LIFE Acti­va­tion, there­fore rais­ing your vibra­tory fre­quency to increase your con­nec­tion to God. The higher the vibra­tion the more light you can hold in your phys­i­cal body. Rais­ing the vibra­tion is about increas­ing the vital­ity in the body — pas­sion for life.


Why does one need to be ini­ti­ated in order to acti­vate the 22-Strands of DNA? Can I do this by call­ing in my own guides?

The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light and Archangel Meta­tron have told us that for this acti­va­tion to take full effect in the phys­i­cal body, they need some­one in the phys­i­cal body to work through who has been trained and ini­ti­ated. This is a very sacred process and requires the ser­vices of some­one who is autho­rized to open up the etheric spine and admin­is­ter this activation.


Is it dan­ger­ous phys­i­cally, men­tally, or spir­i­tu­ally to have this work done? Can it neg­a­tively affect the DNA?

No, this process will only empower you, it will never dis-empower you. It is not dan­ger­ous and can­not neg­a­tively affect the DNA. How­ever, we do not rec­om­mend it for those who are in the midst of seri­ous emo­tional issues. There is one thing we like to tell peo­ple: Base­ball sta­dium anal­ogy. May bring up more than the per­son wants to handle.


Is there any rela­tion­ship between LIFE acti­va­tion and ascension?

Many peo­ple are talk­ing about ascen­sion and I’ve come to under­stand that they are talk­ing about dif­fer­ent things. I want to answer your ques­tion accu­rately, so I need to know what you mean by “ascension”?

By rais­ing your vibra­tory fre­quency, awak­en­ing the DNA to its full poten­tial, and acti­vat­ing the blue print of who you truly are, it can­not help but assist in the ascen­sion process. The mys­tery schools teach that ascen­sion is the spir­i­tual evo­lu­tion of the phys­i­cal body. As a result of the acti­va­tion your body will change — you will become a light body. (In fact, the whole human race has to make this tran­si­tion to the light body.)


How long does it take to see the effects from an acti­va­tion and what kinds of effects are seen in peo­ple within the first month, three months, 9 months?

It varies from per­son to per­son and really depends on each indi­vid­ual. Some expe­ri­ence major changes right away and for oth­ers it’s very sub­tle. A ten­dency that we have noticed is that if you have done a lot of inner work, it may seem more sub­tle. And if you are really sen­si­tive and intu­itive, you may expe­ri­ence stronger sen­sa­tions. Although these are just ten­den­cies, because it really depends on the per­son.
LIFE Acti­va­tion takes time. For the cells in the phys­i­cal body to repro­duce them­selves com­pletely it takes seven years. It is like putting light in the top of the Empire State Build­ing — it takes time for it to fil­ter down so that each win­dow is fully lit up.

As far as what we see in peo­ple, there is one com­mon denom­i­na­tor, and that is Spir­i­tual Empow­er­ment. In other words, the things, peo­ple, and sit­u­a­tions in their life that no longer sup­port their life work and pur­pose start falling away and cir­cum­stances, peo­ple, and skills in align­ment with their life work and pur­pose start com­ing for­ward. They become aligned with liv­ing their truth.


Do some peo­ple find that they do not get any ben­e­fits from this acti­va­tion? Why do you think this is so?

As we said before, some of the changes can be very sub­tle. And every­one starts from their own unique place. Also, many of us are involved with many dif­fer­ent modal­i­ties, and so it can be really chal­leng­ing to deter­mine what we received from each modality.

My clients say they notice changes for the bet­ter. Many are very enthu­si­as­tic and notice it in leaps and bounds. I believe it varies from per­son to per­son. If you have done a lot of work on your­self, then it is less notice­able. If you are sen­si­tive and intu­itive it can be very notice­able. I think it depends on the person’s aware­ness and their par­tic­u­lar process.

Empow­er­ment is a grand term. How do you define it in rela­tion to what is achieved by this work?

Empow­er­ment takes an aver­age per­son and makes them some­thing more so they can become teach­ers, heal­ers, lead­ers who serve the needs of human­ity. This empow­er­ment is about fully actu­al­iz­ing your con­tracts while you are still here on earth in the phys­i­cal body.

This empow­er­ment is about com­ing into align­ment with your pur­pose for being here. This is also referred to as your life’s work, or ful­fill­ing your con­tracts with God. When you are clearly directed and fully grounded in the phys­i­cal body, you can per­form your high­est ser­vice work for the light.

This acti­va­tion of empow­er­ment has been proven over and over for 3,000 years and we know it works. It works for us as it will work for every­one who is activated.


Can some­one expe­ri­ence heal­ing as a result of the LIFE Activation?

A side effect from the LIFE Acti­va­tion is that often the body heals itself as a result of the way it uses the light that was put into the 12 receptors.

How do I get all 24 strands activated?

By par­tic­i­pat­ing in a two-day work­shop called Adam Kad­mon. On Sun­day after­noon you receive the acti­va­tion with acti­vates the Galac­tic code (phys­i­cal) and the Divin­ity Code (spir­i­tual). This pro­gram is being offered in Seat­tle for the first time Jan­u­ary 25th and 26th, 2003.

What will be the result of the last two strands being activated?

This increase in Light within your body is specif­i­cally focused to cre­ate the Phys­i­cal Side of Ascen­sion. The poten­tial of Light man­i­fest­ing within the phys­i­cal body is lim­it­less! Light man­i­fests dif­fer­ently in each per­son. We can­not tell you specif­i­cally what it will do for you.
Gen­er­ally, the result of the acti­va­tion is:

  •  The Gifts of the Spirit which you were born with, will be brought to full empowerment
  • Your intel­lec­tual and cre­ative gifts will be amplified
  • Your abil­ity to man­i­fest will develop
  • You will gain your birthright to Divine Connection
  • And more.

The only thing lim­it­ing ascen­sion is the phys­i­cal body. The pur­pose of Adam Kad­mon is to pro­vide humankind with the phys­i­cal change nec­es­sary for phys­i­cal Ascension!

Is there a link between the LIFE Acti­va­tion and the Kab­balah? Yes. There are 22 obvi­ous paths on the Tree of Life (Kab­balah) and two hid­den paths. When your DNA is fully acti­vated it looks like the Kab­balah in 3-D, spin­ning clock­wise with a blue core in the mid­dle. The blue core is called the Codon Blue. You have 24 key strands avail­able for acti­va­tion through your DNA recep­tors (called codons). The 24-Strand DNA Acti­va­tion is done in a group ses­sion called the Adam-Kadmon (the Adamic seed) through the Mod­ern Mys­tery School. Its been found that those who receive the LIFE Acti­va­tion before the Adam Kad­mon get a head start on inte­gra­tion. They have a much eas­ier time adjust­ing, as the Adam Kad­mon acti­va­tion changes both the body and the energy field or Aura. Light is most eas­ily assim­i­lated in stages, rather than all at once.



Another way of understanding the DNA Activation







Once Again…What is it?

DNA (deoxyri­bonu­cleic acid) holds the essen­tial blue­print for all bio­log­i­cal life. it is unique and very per­sonal for it con­tains the encoded infor­ma­tion for both your phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual lin­eages, as well as the mas­ter plan for your life pur­pose and divine poten­tial. it is who you are and lit­er­ally holds the script to your life!  We are born with only 12 strands of our 24 total DNA strands acti­vated, or avail­able for use. Until now, access to the 22nd of 24 total DNA strands has remained inac­ces­si­ble to all but ini­ti­ates to the mys­tery schools and cer­tain spir­i­tual mas­ters ded­i­cated to serv­ing the Light. Today, acti­va­tion of the DNA to the 22nd strand is being offered to all humanity.

Where does this Acti­va­tion Tech­nique come from?

The LIFE acti­va­tion is a tool, which orig­i­nally had been used to empower the High Priests, Priest­esses, Ora­cles and Exalted Heal­ers of Ancient Egypt. it was the sacred Right of Ascen­sion given to these pow­er­ful and highly respected mem­bers of the com­mu­nity. The first recorded use of the Acti­va­tion was Joseph (of the many colour coat) as he was ini­ti­ated into a lead­er­ship role in Egypt.

Why would  I need it?

Acti­va­tion your DNA to the 22nd strand gives you access to the secrets and mys­ter­ies of you, yield­ing answers to those ques­tions we all ask:  Who am l? — Where did I come from? — Why am I here? — Am I doing what I’m sup­posed to be doing with my life?  It presents a great oppor­tu­nity to clean up the fam­ily gene pool, to stop the old lim­it­ing genetic pat­terns from con­tin­u­ing to man­i­fest in those that come after you!  It brings empow­er­ment to enable you to turn those genetic mill­stones into milestones!

Why can’t I acti­vate my DNA myself?

Many tech­nolo­gies are now avail­able that will acti­vate the DNA up to the 12th strand. Acti­vat­ing DNA strands beyond that requires the ser­vice of one who is so trained and ini­tialed at the phys­i­cal level, that is. some­one who has received the autho­riza­tion from the spir­i­tual realms through a phys­i­cal lineage.

How will the LIFE Acti­va­tion process ben­e­fit me?

Enables you to move into your High­est Poten­tial and Great­est Empowerment;

Empow­ers you to max­i­mize your poten­tial to bring forth unre­al­ized tal­ents and abilities;

  • Gives you more Energy, Clar­ity and Focus;
  • Strength­ens your immune system;
  •  Assists in releas­ing of uncon­scious patterns;
  • Increases your abil­ity to use more of your brain;
  • Facil­i­tates clear­ing of fam­ily and genetic karmic patterns;
  • Enables you to bring in and hold more Light (Energy/Chi/Prana/Ki) in your phys­i­cal body


Does the LIFE acti­va­tion Actu­ally heal me?

The acti­va­tion does not con­sti­tute a heal­ing per se, but rather on empow­er­ment that can greatly facil­i­tate your own heal­ing process. Any change in your own generic struc­ture will ben­e­fit three to five gen­er­a­tions, both for­ward into the future and back­wards into the past. LIFE acti­va­tion also clears genetic pat­tern­ing for many diseases.

The LIFE Acti­va­tion Ques­tions and Answers

With Thanks to Mys­tery School Heal­ers:  Char­ity Chan, Verla Wade, Laura Leg­ere, David Fuchs & Theresa Bullard