Actually, if I may remind you, Your Imagination is the most powerful energy there is.

A light or energy worker such as myself, works with Ki is much the same as Michelangelo worked with marble. David was always in the marble slab, Michelangelo had the intuition and skills to let him out. Just as a golfer reads the greens’ surface or the way a baseball pitcher works with the air surrounding the ball. In knowing how to manipulate the spin of the ball in relation to the angle of the seams and velocity thrown: when the “slider” reaches the plate, the air pressure under the ball diminishes so the ball drops as the batter swings. An accomplished Light / Energy / Chi / Reiki Practitioner reads ands works with energy in a very similar fashion.

The tools an energy worker uses are as specific and finely honed as a Master Carpenters’. They are also handled with the care of Itzac Pearlman playing a Stradivarius.
To the worker the energy is perceived and recognised with a discern, comparable to Geddy Lees’ perception and manipulation of the timber, flex and feel of his Fender Precision, Steinberger or Rickenbacker 4001 bass’. To the Practitioner, ki, chi, energy is available, accessible and readable any time, anywhere. Then once permission is given they have access to all the tools of the trade, helpers, teachers and unlimited love or Agape.

Following the subtle direction of intuition, energy is directed to move or heal what is most necessary in the moment. With Reiki you’ll get what you need, not necessarily what you’re expecting or want. Looking to heal an intestinal disease? Chances are you’ll find yourself healing the emotional wounds you suffered as a child, along with receiving some sound advice and techniques to help your body accelerate the remaining physical aspects of overall healing.

All that said, my favourite metaphor comes from Charles Dickens who observed that (paraphrasing here) “The worst thing you can do to a child is an injustice, for as the child grows, so grows the injustice in equal proportion” So something as simple as an undeserved spanking followed by the elder saying something akin to “Don’t you cry! If you want a real reason to cry…” The simple act of crying would have diminished the injustice: But, suppressed it is like a cancer that grows until released. For those of you scoffing at my example, insert either rape or child abuse, emotional abuse or the trauma inflected by war or murder…I’d rather not continue to list, but know that the human conditions worst flaw is holding on to negativity.

In my own experience, I’ve witnessed reclamation of the personal power stolen at all ages and from past lives. The cell has memory far greater and more precise than any computer or tomb of literature. Reiki not only extracts the negativity, it fills the void with positive energy, love / Agape.

The Simple “Quantum Physics” of Energy

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. The same particles, atoms and waves that come together to make the “matter” (paper, CRT or LED screen) you are reading this on, is also the very same as what makes up gold, music, the wind, a seed or a puppy!
Put a particular electric frequency to a specific type of quartz crystal and it will vibrate a frequency so specific, so universal that it can and probably does in your wristwatch.
Interestingly, kabbalah texts determined the age of the universe long before science understood what measurements were necessary. What was once really occult or hidden: Only one student per generation, in a community was taught the secrets of kabbalah. This knowledge is now available for all levels of comprehension. For a slightly more esoteric discourse on the nature of frequency, Alice A Bailey is the considered source.

Energy is also the feeling you experience when you walk into a room: Positive, negative, happy, sad, joyous, scary or tranquil. The mood of a space could be the residue from the last occupants’ experience: Boardroom, bedroom Arena or property, shifting the energy could be a simple task or depending on the “energy” more intense. A qualified energy worker can assess and address the environment first hand or contact a more “worldly”, experienced or specialized expert.

Reiki is not a stand-alone therapy!
It is a companion to a proper health care regime and positive mental and physical lifestyle.

Distance work or Hands On
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